To be able to work, you must be found online by customers or clients, by companies with a freelance project for a short or longer period, as well by individuals with a freelance job at home or in the garden. A personal website with your own business e-mail addresses is part of your online marketing. A good addition to this is a profile on, a website with supply and demand of work.

Extensive profile

With a profile on you can be found by potential clients for work. Companies and individuals whit a freelance job or project and want to rent a freelancer search in the profiles on As a freelancer, you can also create a extensive profile. You paid for an extensive profile only € 2,50 per month excluding VAT (€ 3,03 per month including VAT) with a duration of 1 year and € 2,00 per month excluding VAT (€ 2,42 per month including VAT) with a duration of 2 years.

With an extensive profile, you increase your brand awareness as a freelancer, you have more options for creating your profile and can be better found by individuals and companies. With a comprehensive profile, your Chamber of Commerce number and bank or payment information will be checked by and you will find an indication in the overview of your profile.

A verified profile will significantly increase your company’s trustworthiness for clients, which means that you will be eligible for new projects and thus more work.

Extend extensive profile

You pay for an extensive profile per 1 or 2 years. You can extend an extensive profile whenever you want. There will be automatically added a duration of 1 year or more, depending on your choice, from the date your extensive profile expires.

An extensive profile is not automatically renewed. You will receive an email with a reminder 1 month before the expiration date or you wish to renew. If you do not extend, your extensive profile will automatically be converted to the default profile data. Make sure your extensive profile does not expire and extend on time.

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